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18 mars 2009 3 18 /03 /mars /2009 09:04


Not happy having locked the building Cours Grandval (padlocked doors, hand-picked public, plain clothes policemen in corridors), the CTC responsible representatives wish now to secure the electoral system with a view to provide an absolute majority.

Together with the PRG, circumstantial allies, they advocate a reform of the ballot aimed at leaving aside minority lists or considerably reducing the number of elected councillors.

If this approach should succeed, a great number of Corsicans would feel not represented by the Assembly of Corsica, therefore the legitimacy of the latter (already shaken) would be ruined, as well as its vocation to be a true place for dialogue.

As for the absolute majority, wanted by some as an impregnable fortress in which they would feel secure, it would be just a fanciful citadel, and quite often a besieged one!


Jean-Guy Talamoni

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  • : Jean-Guy Talamoni
  • : Jean-Guy Talamoni est avocat. Président de l'Assemblée de Corse, il a publié deux ouvrages politiques, "Ce que nous sommes" (Ramsay/DCL, 2001) et "Libertà" (2004), ainsi que trois livres sur la langue corse.
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