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17 mars 2009 2 17 /03 /mars /2009 09:16

Judges challenging the government! Let’s not dream. It is not happening in France, and has nothing to do with the trial of Yvan Colonna: the Pakistanis judges have declared war on the president. Among the insurgents are barristers, but that is normal… An advocate is a challenge, by nature, to any established authority, isn’t he?

Meanwhile, back in Paris, capital of the so called country “of Human Rights”, a very strange Circuit Court meets every day: no members of the jury, no council for the defence, no defendant…

The civil representatives wear robes. They are, normally, registered to the Bar. And they seem to find everything natural. Not happy in participating in this masquerade, on top of that they give interviews explaining that rules are respected, that the defendant is getting what he deserves, and his defender attorneys are doing … “judiciary terrorism”!

Well, colleagues. I have taken note of your stand. We are not from the same country, but we received the same French academic education. And yet, I do not understand very well how we can explain such procedures and practices.

And I would rather feel good about myself (and in my robe) than to be in your place!


Jean-Guy Talamoni



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