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12 février 2009 4 12 /02 /février /2009 15:17

The separatist Oscar Temaru has just been elected President of so-called French Polynesia (but for how long?) with a large majority of 37 votes out of 57. Le newly head of the Polynesian executive authority declared: “First of all, we need to make peace between each others…” Sandra Levy-Agami, independent, has also evoked “reconciliation for all and a permanent attention to one another” as well as a “more Polynesian behaviour in the local public life”, adding “we must give back to the development of Polynesia a much more Polynesian soul (…) but firstly,we have to learn about ourselves and from where we are from to know which road to choose and to follow”. If the elected Corsicans representatives were collectively able to put together such principles, we certainly would not be talking about such noxious and imported approaches like the PADDUC.

Let’s remind us that the Tavini, the party of the new President of Polynesia, is keeping a close political relationship with the Corsican separatists, and that its strong delegations participated several times to Corti International Days. Besides this party is one of the signatories of the “Declaration of stateless people under the French trusteeship” (Corti, august 2006)


Jean-Guy Talamoni

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