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17 février 2009 2 17 /02 /février /2009 20:59

To be read without failing: the “manifesto from nine intellectual French West Indians for post capitalist societies”. This a crystal clear text signed by Patrick Chamoiseau and Edouard Glissant who recently addressed to the newly elected President of the United States, whose election is a “poetic miracle” according to them. Together with other important people from the thinking world, they now through this manifesto look into the significance of the French West Indian social movement as well as perspectives, which it opens for any country devastated by colonialism and its dependence. Affirming their “full and without any reservation solidarity”, the authors unveil the profound relations between mundane (purchasing power, housewife basket…) and poetics (yearning for self-fulfilment). A clear demonstration that leads naturally on a “vision”:

“Small countries, suddenly at the new heart of  the world, suddenly giant to be the first examples of post-capitalist societies, able to put together a human self fulfilment that is consistent with the fullness of the living…”

Let’s observe that these words could be applied to other people and in particular ours…


Jean-Guy Talamoni

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  • : Jean-Guy Talamoni est avocat. Président de l'Assemblée de Corse, il a publié deux ouvrages politiques, "Ce que nous sommes" (Ramsay/DCL, 2001) et "Libertà" (2004), ainsi que trois livres sur la langue corse.
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