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24 février 2009 2 24 /02 /février /2009 22:18

"In order that the colonizer be fully the master, things are relatively simple: it is not enough that he be objectively the master, he must believe in his legitimacy as well: and for his legitimacy to be complete, it is not enough that the colonized person be objectively a slave, it is necessary that he accepts his condition. In few words, the colonizer must be recognized by the colonized one."

Albert Memmi, Portrait of the colonized person.


Heard on the radio (RTL, I believe) yesterday evening while in a taxi taking me back to Orly Airport, after having sat during a surrealist hearing of the Colonna’s trial. Some French “well-advised observers” were knowledgeably commenting on the events of the Guadeloupe. The least we can say is that we were far from repentance. In general, Guadaloupeans, and especially the LKP movement, were all accused of being… racists! For sure, it is a true scandal to hear them say - and even singing – “La Gwadeloup sé tannou!” (Guadeloupe is ours), almost as shocking hearing Corsicans affirming “Issa terra hè a nostra!” (This land is ours!), because, in both cases, the French flag has been flapping for such a long time… And with all that, these ungrateful persons persist in not wanting to recognize the “benefits of colonization”…


Jean-Guy Talamoni

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