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Transavia, Air France’s low cost company, “partner” of the CCM, decided to create a twice weekly air service between Orly and … Olbia in Sardigna!

Proposed flights from 50 euros for a destination directly in competition with Corsica: this is a true provocation… The occasion could have been quite excellent to launch a profitable move for the island, in searching a balance, a complementarity between the low cost and the Corsican public service, in which Air France is directly involved. And this without any security concession, precisely because it is an Air France subsidiary, from which we can expect the same level of reliable guarantees. In spite of love declarations for Corsica from its management, despite the partnership that ties it to the CTC’s air company, the French society ridicules openly our collective interests. Only those who, like the lodgers of Cours Grandval, will be astonished and will be waiting for the salvation coming from Paris. It is true that they cannot bite the hand that feeds them!

Jean-Guy Talamoni

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  • : Jean-Guy Talamoni
  • : Jean-Guy Talamoni est avocat. Président de l'Assemblée de Corse, il a publié deux ouvrages politiques, "Ce que nous sommes" (Ramsay/DCL, 2001) et "Libertà" (2004), ainsi que trois livres sur la langue corse.
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