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21 février 2009 6 21 /02 /février /2009 09:56

Some so-called well-advised observers will underline in a peremptory manner, the geographical distance, so visible differences in terms of natural and cultural features. Thus they will base their habitual position generally expressed by these final words: “nothing to do with it!”

But all the same, parallels are made today: original wounds (for some the slavery drama and for others a bloody annexation), economic and social situation, asymmetry of the relations with France during centuries… without mentioning the color of the uniforms and the shape of the helmets that some and others raising the least of the contestations see landing on their land. All this easily explains the observed interest in our country since few days, regarding the events shaking other islands, “so distant” as tourist slogans say…

Can this natural solidarity turn into a community of struggle? In Paris, some seem to dread it. Then this would confirm, if need be, the soundness and the pertinence of such an approach…

Jean-Guy Talamoni 


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  • : Jean-Guy Talamoni est avocat. Président de l'Assemblée de Corse, il a publié deux ouvrages politiques, "Ce que nous sommes" (Ramsay/DCL, 2001) et "Libertà" (2004), ainsi que trois livres sur la langue corse.
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