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A 34 years old French woman, Florence Cassez, has just been condemned for life by the Mexican justice, for crimes that she has obviously not committed.  The prosecution’s version is coming against serious contradictions. For example, they are reproaching her offences that took place in 2002, while she only arrived in Mexico in… 2003! Only one element seems to explain this decision, of which the blatant injustice is total evidence: the will not to challenge the legitimacy of the Mexican Minister of Security Police, Genaro Garcia Luna.

To make it short: an unjust and extreme severity condemnation, a completely intolerable position of the prosecution, a jurisdiction dutiful to an Interior Department Minister…

Does it ring a bell?

Another worrying point: the condemnation has just been confirmed in a circuit court, without even that the Minister Genaro Garcia Luna be, meanwhile, elected President of the Republic of Mexico…

Jean-Guy Talamoni



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